Share Insights and Use Predictive Models in Applications

Once you have built a model using text analytics and validated it for acceptable performance, there are several ways that you can share the results and models with your team or management.

Share an interactive 
Live Editor notebook
 with MATLAB users or publish live scripts as HTML, PDF, LaTeX, or Microsoft Word to share with non-MATLAB users.
How to Publish MATLAB Code (2:44)
Generate formatted reports with results and figures in PDF, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, or HTML using 
MATLAB Report GeneratorTM
Getting Started with MATLAB Report Generator (3:05)
Create a standalone or web app using 
MATLAB App Designer
Getting Started with App Designer (4:50)
Host the application on a 
production server
web app server
Deploy Your Code (3:52)

Learn more about text analytics with MATLAB

For more information about using Text Analytics ToolboxTM, check out:

Text Analytics Toolbox product page

To see a demonstration of Text Analytics Toolbox in action, watch:

Text Analytics in MATLAB (23:36)